SpecSoft is always developing new ways of controlling machinery. We are experienced with many different industrial control packages including Allen Bradley, Giddings & Lewis and Siemens to name a few. We provide many services such as upgrades and retrofits for PLCs, servos, and HMIs.


Software programming includes PLCs, Servo Controls, Networking, Marquees and Operater Terminals in a variety of platforms. The engineering group is experienced with designing new programs, editting and adding to existing programs and converting programs.

Panel Building

All control panels are assembled and wired here at SpecSoft. Enclosures are all NEMA 12 or higher depending on the application. They are neatly wired and labeled according to the electrical schematics supplied by SpecSoft's engineering group.

Safety Designs

Safety is always a high priority to SpecSoft. A risk assessment is done for each application. Guard interlock and emergency stop circuits are designed accordingly. Appropriate sensors, switches and safety relays manufactured for the purpose of personnel safety are used.

On-Line Service Support

Monitoring PLC programs, motor parameters and I/O points over the internet is a quick and cost effective means for troubleshooting down machinery. On-Line service also gives the ability for upgrades and software patches to improve performance or modify the output of a machine.