SpecSoft, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets rugged, robust and reliable machinery for the printing, converting and packaging industries.

SpecSoft is a privately held company whose sole objective is the satisfaction of its customers. With its management philosophy firmly rooted in Christian values, SpecSoft strives to offer superior value to its customers in a fair, honest and ethical fashion.

Our employees are skilled, trained and knowledgeable in the manufacture of industrial equipment. With thousands of machines installed around the world, the employees of SpecSoft have acquired the knowledge and skills to manufacture high quality machinery to meet the needs of these demanding industries. We are proud to claim that many of our machines have been in operation twenty-four hours a day for over twenty-five years.

By utilizing a fixed base of employees supplemented by a flexible staff, SpecSoft is able to maintain a low overhead cost while maintaining high quality. The stockholders believe that the real capability of a company stems from the knowledge and skills of its employees. The capability to produce excellent products and provide exceptional customer service at a reasonable price results in higher customer satisfaction.

SpecSoft’s primary expertise is in web fed machinery. In the printing arena this includes web presses, on-line and off-line flexographic coaters and all of the associated peripheral equipment. In the packaging industry this includes pouch bandoleers and various package inserts. Along these lines we have a great deal of experience with programmable cutoff sheeting and dispensing knives.

In addition to our web handling expertise we have a great deal to offer in sheet fed machinery, transfer machines and unit packaging machines. Transfer machines, such as stackers, timed conveyors, smart conveyors and collators are an integral part of any automated printing and/or packaging operation. We excel at these and special designs are not a problem at all. We also offer many types of pick & place machines – both hard automation and robotic – made to order – the optimum solution for the application.

In summary, our broad experience base, our low overhead and our high degree of flexibility allow us to excel at both standard products and special applications.

Visit our products page for details on a sampling of the many products available. Then visit our service page to learn more about how SpecSoft provides world class service – a promise to our customers that we keep day in and day out. Finally, email your requirements and let us help you optimize the productivity of your operation.