Have you ever bought a used machine and afterward found out that it required more money to get it in production than it was worth?

Have you ever bought a used machine and found out later that it needed replacement parts that were obsolete or unavailable?

Have you ever bought a machine and found out it could not package the product that you need to package?

These problems are all too common in the world of used packaging machinery. So much so that SpecSoft developed an evaluation service to address them.

There are many very good used machines available at reasonable prices. Take the risk out of purchasing these machines by having a SpecSoft technician evaluate the machine BEFORE you buy. This service is available to dealers as well as end users of the equipment.

SpecSoft utilizes a four-step evaluation of your target used packaging machinery:

• Evaluate machinery specifications vis-à-vis your packaging requirements.

• Evaluate a specific machine to determine the additional investment required to place the machine into moneymaking production.

• Evaluate a specific machine to estimate the cost to replace obsolete parts.

• Determine any design modifications required to adapt the target machine to your packaging requirements.

SpecSoft’s substantial resource base offers extensive expertise in the following machinery areas:

Cartoners Form-Fill-Seal Pouch Machines
RA Jones RA Jones
Thiele Cloud
Tisma Ropak
Superior Bartelt
Klik-Loc Southern Packaging

Don’t Get Burned! Get a FREE evaluation when you choose SpecSoft for your installation and/or upgrade source.