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Ticket Printing Press

Rugged, Robust and Reliable, these rotary letterpress ticket printing presses provide quality output on a continuous basis for many, many years. These presses are built to withstand the shock loads associated with ticket printing, perforating, punching, etc. that suck the life out of other presses

They are available in the following configurations customized to your specific requirements:

Roll to Roll
Roll to Fold
Roll to Sheet


50 inch Diameter Tension Controlled Unwind
Web Width to 18 inches
Speeds to 600 feet per minute
Front and Back Printing
Up to eight Print Towers
Lateral Adjust on all Print Towers
Sequential Numbering with optional automatic throw off
In-line Perforating, Cross Perforating, Punching, Slitting, Sheeting, Folding
Gear Driven or Servo Driven with electronic lineshaft software
Quick Changeover
PLC controlled with Touch Screen Operator Interface
Soy based ink or UV curable

SpecSoft, Inc

12124 Chandler Dr

Walton, KY 41094