Product Transfers and Collators

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Product transfers link the automation of one machine or process to another. Collators are a special form of transfer that assemble a group of products before transferring the group to the next process or machine. SpecSoft designs and manufactures transfers for many different applications some common others special. Some of our offerings include the following:

Accepts single products from a conveyor, creates a stack and loads them into a carton


Ink cartridges in blisters are unscrambled by a bowl feeder, inspected for integrity, picked up by a vacuum picker and placed into the core of a roll of labels from the outfeed of a printing press. Products not passing inspection are rejected.

Ink Cartridge Pick and Place

Hot Dog Pick and Place

Pick 12 four-packs of hot dogs from the output of a wrapper, load floating buckets each with a stack of two four packs, convey the floating buckets to a horizontal sweep to transfer the hot dogs into the buckets of a cartoner.

Watch Hot Dog Pick and Place Video

Single products are transferred to a floating bucket conveyor and then are accumulated. During the accumulation the integrated index conveyor (not shown) can index. During the index pause multiple products are transferred.

View the video to see this machine in action.

Floating Bucket Transfer and Accumulation Conveyor