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Pouch Dispenser and Cutoff Knife

These are rugged, robust and reliable machines designed to automate the insertion of secondary ingredient pouches into a package or to collate a variety pack package.  The pull station of the pouch dispenser or pouch inserter will pull the bandoleer of pouches from a tote adjacent to the machine.  Auxiliary pull stations are available to pull the bandoleer from remote located totes.  A servo driven rotary knife cuts the bandoleer into individual pouches.  For optimum accuracy the knife will cut to a registration mark but the cutoff length is fully programmable from the operator control station.  A variety of automatic insertion or placement devices is available for your specific application.


* Nip belts

* Overhead sweep

* Pin conveyor

* Direct drop vacuum wheel



Watch Pouch Dispenser Video







* Programmable cutoff length

* Speeds to 450 pouches per minute

* Servo driven knife, PLC controlled, touch screen operator interface

* Standard width up to eight inches – others available

* Quick change disposable blade – no setup or adjustments required     

* Dry product or liquid product pouches

* Food grade construction or washdown models available

* ¾ inch thick ground steel or aluminum tooling plate side frames

* Fixed or portable mounting

* Perforated bandoleers NOT required

* Automatic tote fillers also available

* No known material limitations

* Integration with parent packaging machine included


Infeed View

Discharge View

Stationary Model with Pull Station

Roll Up Model Operator View