These flexographic coaters are built to SpecSoft’s robust standards for high reliability under heavy production conditions. They are available in off-line and on-line versions for a variety of coating applications. They can be integrated into existing presses, new presses or supplied as a complete system.

The following coating options are available:

• UV curable varnish

• Carbon

• Hot Wax

• Aqueous

• Carbonless, OPAS


• Enclosed doctor blade

• Pre-melter for coating supply

• Laser engraved ceramic anilox cylinder

• Plate cylinders available for magnetic or sticky back plates

• Pattern or full coat capability

• Automatic registration

• Lateral adjust for plate cylinder

• Hot water heat and cold water chill

• Speeds to 1800 feet per minute

• Servo driven anilox roller for coat weight control

• Automatic gear lubrication

• PLC controlled with touch screen operator interface

Watch the Sheet Laminator Video

- This Sheet Laminator uses an adhesive to laminate two chipboard sheets together. The machine contains two sheet feeders with stack elevators that accept a 48 inch tall stack of sheets, a flexographic adhesive applicator, sheet merger with compression roller and a sheet stacker. The machine produces 100 sheets per minute.