Product transfers link the automation of one machine or process to another. Collators are a special form of transfer that assemble a group of products before transferring the group to the next process or machine. SpecSoft designs and manufactures transfers for many different applications – some common others special. Some of our offerings include the following:

X-1 Stack Transfer

Accepts multiple stacks wide from a printing press and releases them in a single file to a shrink wrapper.

Watch X-1 Stacker Video

In-Line Stack Transfer

Accepts single stacks from a stacker and transfers them with an overhead sweep into the flights of a shrink wrapper.


Accepts single products from a conveyor, creates a stack and loads them into a carton.

Floating Bucket Transfer and Accumulation Conveyor

Single products are transferred to a floating bucket conveyor and then accumulated. During the accumulation, the integrated index conveyor (not shown) can index the products. During the index pause, multiple products are transferred.

Watch Floating Bucket Transfer and Accumulation Conveyor Video

- This video illustrates SpecSoft’s Floating Bucket concept. The system takes products from an upstream process, for example cartoning, and loads them into the floating bucket. The floating bucket is released onto a flex top chain racetrack conveyor. Filled buckets queue up against a retractable stop. When the receiving process, for example and overpacker, is ready the product is loaded into that process and the emptied bucket is released to go back and be filled again. The purpose of this system is to decouple the upstream and downstream operations. Buckets are filled when product is available and products are transferred out when the receiving process is ready.