Designed to compliment our programmable cutoff length pouch dispensers, these machines provide a means of optimally filling a tote with a pouch bandoleer from your form, fill and seal machine. Low speed models are designed to work with vertical form, fill, seal machines, low speed horizontal machines and multi-lane liquid pouch filling machines. The high speed model is designed to work with high speed horizontal pouch machines such as those manufactured by Cloud or Jones. Semi-automatic units are available as well as fully automatic systems with automatic tote handling. Free tote sizing assistance is available upon request.


• Robust construction – tubular steel welded frame

• Fixed or caster mount

• Single or multi-lane

• Low speed units up to 1000 inches per minute

• High speed units up to 4000 inches per minute

• Dry product or liquid product pouches

• Stack fill or weave fill

• Fill to a count or tote level

• Automatic web severing

• Automatic tote indexing

• Gentle, servo driven fan folder

• PLC controlled with touch screen operator interface

• Optional empty pouch detection

• Optional pouch conditioning

• Optional slitting or perforating of multi-lane webs

Watch Tote Loader video

Watch High Speed Tote Loader video

- This system can be configured with various formats to fit the requirements of the customer. The video illustrates a tote loader receiving a bandoleer of pouches from a high speed pouch form, fill, seal machine. The pouch machine runs at 900 pouches per minute. Totes are filled either to a count or to a level. When a tote reaches the full level, the bandoleer is automatically cut, the trailing end of the bandoleer is placed over the edge of the tote and the full tote is indexed out. A new tote is indexed into the loading position and the filling resumes. The pouch machine is not required to stop during tote change out and no operator involvement is required